WINGS program for girls
St. Francis School welcomes a program called WINGS - Giving Girls Confidence to Soar." This program is being offered through the McKeon Education Group. We have secured a grant to offer this program. WINGS is designed to increase the self-esteem of our 7th grade girls and prepare them to meet the future with confidience! The presenter is Ms. Jessica Merugu.

Club of Distinguished Gentlemen

The Club of the Distinguished Gentlemen is an educational program that teaches young men various skills needed to develop into well-rounded young men. In the program, students define their values and analyze how well they live out their values. Also, the students do a Media Project in which they examine various sources to see how males are portrayed in the media. As a follow-up, students learn skills needed in a business setting, such as dressing for success, tying a tie, shaking hands, conversing professionally, and correct etiquette for attending a formal dinner. Moreover, students examine their diet and exercise regimens in order to create a healthy lifestyle. Guest speakers include professional men and a personal trainer/dietitian. The program aims to develop confidence and self-esteem in our students as they transition into adults.


Essential Learning Systems
St. Francis School is implementing a new reading program called "Essential Learning Systems" designed by Creative Education Institute. The program will be introduced to the students in Grades 1-4 using the school's newly designed state of the art reading lab. The program is being taught by Mrs. Daull our reading specialist. Our goal is twofold: sustain the success of our proficient readers and develop learning solutions for any remedial readers. ELS is a research-based learning program this is used in 5,000 educational organizations across the country. This program and the new reading lab has been funded through grants.